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How to Store Things Functionally?

A functional, spacious and delightfully symmetrical piece of storage furniture in the form of a cube is a practical and rather aesthetic way to keep order in a room by showing off selected items.

What types of cubes are there?

Recently, the popularity of cubicle storage has increased due to its versatile design. To find a suitable one, think about what you are going to store in it and in which room.

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Open cubes

Open cubes fit especially well into living rooms or offices, because in such storage places it is convenient to store what you need to find quickly, because it is easier in an open cube than in a drawer or closet.

They are perfect for storing items such as, for example, DVDs or books.


Storage in boxes of SONGMICS HOME will give you a guarantee that the items that should be hidden will be securely hidden from prying eyes.

They are convenient for storing irregularly shaped items that will not look neat when folded. For example, it can be chargers for your gadgets that constantly spoil the look of a tidy room

storage boxes
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Plastic boxes or baskets are a safe choice for storing toys in the children’s bedroom: they prevent damage to the upper surface when toys are folded back without special care.

They will protect your things from moisture in the bathroom.

Alternation of open cubes and boxes

Providing a unique appearance and a balanced result, this type of cubic storage is the best.

Due to its versatility, it can be successfully placed in different rooms, including bedrooms, where you are likely to store a variety of items: both those that you would like to demonstrate, and those that you would prefer to store in a closet or inside a drawer, hide from prying eyes.

If you combine both open and closed cubes, then your storage space in the bedroom can be functional. Closed cubes will hide what you don’t want to show to everyone, and open cubes will show what will be a decorative element.

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