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What is Necessary for Laying Artificial Grass

One of the main advantages of laying Artificial grass for landscape renewal is that there is a place for it indoors and outdoors. Most often, such a lawn is found in the backyard, children’s playground, indoors or on sports grounds.

Base for laying in an open area

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As for the specifics of the foundation for laying Artificial grass for landscape transformation in the fresh air, it, by and large, does not matter, it can be:

  • Concrete
  • Asphalt
  • Crushed favours stone
  • Packed sand
  • Crushed stone + sand packed in layers

Before laying the Artificial grass for landscape revamp on the ground, it is initially necessary to prepare it well, that is, to level the surface, get rid of weeds and stones, treat with a special solution that will prevent the germination of weeds.

If a concrete base is assumed, then it should be laid in advance with a slope of 1-2 degrees from the centre – this will allow water to flow freely and prevent the formation of puddles on the coating.

The base should be smooth, dry and clean.

Materials required for installation

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To make the installation of Artificial grass for landscape reformation, materials are needed:

  • Artificial grass for landscape restyling. The amount of material is calculated depending on the area of the object;
  • Glue for artificial grass;
  • A spatula or roller for applying glue;
  • Suture or docking tape;
  • Rubber rake or rubber brush;
  • Mounting or stationery knife;

The calculation of the required material should be based on the coverage area, as well as the characteristics of the site and the professionalism of the craftsmen. If you have a square or rectangular platform, then you can focus on the dimensions of length and width. If the site has an “irregular” shape or has protrusions and curves, then the material should be purchased by 3 – 7% more, depending on the complexity of the site. If you are laying Artificial grass for landscape reconstruction yourself and doing it for the first time, it is better to purchase materials with a small margin.

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