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What You Need to Know before Moving to Dubai

What does life in Dubai mean? This is the highest level of comfort, all kinds of conveniences, novelty, luxury and safety. But this applies only to those who honor local traditions and customs. If you are aware of many rules and culture, you will avoid a fair number of troubles.

How to prepare for your move to Dubai

Obtaining a visa

Before moving to Dubai, you need to obtain a visa. This is usually done through the consulate or embassy of Dubai in your country.

Choice of housing

Before moving to Dubai, you need to choose accommodation in new buildings in Dubai. It is recommended to familiarize yourself with the various housing options and choose the most suitable one.

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Preparation of documents

Before moving to Dubai, it is necessary to prepare the necessary documents, such as a passport, medical insurance, police clearance certificate, and others.

Exploring local culture

Before moving to Dubai, you need to study the local culture and traditions. This will help avoid some misunderstandings and conflicts in the future.


Visitors to Dubai have the right to practice their own religion. But, if you do not respect someone else’s religion and do not follow some rules in public places, you may be subject to a fine or imprisonment.

For example, Muslims pray five times a day. At the same time, they can do this in a variety of places and quite loudly. The fact that it is time to pray is reported from the loudspeakers of mosques, of which there are a lot in the UAE. By the way, if you do not want to constantly hear these alerts, it is better to choose accommodation in Dubai away from mosques.

If you notice a Muslim praying on the street, in no case should you laugh at him, condemn him or in any other way show disrespect. In general, observing prayer is considered unacceptable. Filming during prayer is also prohibited.

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Bank checks

Deferred bank checks are a very popular means of payment in the United Arab Emirates, especially for large payments such as rent. This is because it is not easy for expats and even some locals to get a loan or a loan.

On the one hand, this is convenient – when you write a check with a deferred date, you are not required to have the entire specified amount in your account right now. However, you need to be sure that you will have it by the time the person brings the check to the bank. If a person goes to the bank and they return the check marked “insufficient funds”, then you will have to pay a fine. Until recently, it was generally considered a criminal offense, for which imprisonment was provided.

Therefore, you should not write a check if you do not have these funds or you are not sure that they will be at the right time. Remember that when you write a check, you are essentially entering into a serious financial agreement.

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