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What size truck do I need for local moving?

For a local move, a 10 to 16 foot truck should suffice for a studio or one-bedroom apartment, especially if you can make more than one trip.

If you have a two- to three-bedroom home, a 20-foot truck should be sufficient.

If you have a four- or five-bedroom home, a 26-foot truck would be appropriate.

Consider the amount of belongings you have and the size of your larger furniture pieces when choosing the size of the truck.

What size truck do I need to move in one trip?

If you own a well furnished home, and want reasonable odds of moving all your items in a single trip, such as when you have a longer move distance or are paying help by the hour:

Use a 26′ truck per each 1,500 square feet of furnished space.

A lot depends on how much stuff you have, so this rule of thumb is based on a well furnished home. But many people may be lightly furnished, and could get 1,600-2,000 square feet into a 26′ truck.

What items use up the most space in the truck?

Typically, large furniture pieces such as sofas, armoires, dining tables, and mattresses tend to use up the most space in moving trucks.

Additionally, large household items like appliances, box springs, and entertainment centers can also take up a considerable amount of space. To maximize space in a moving truck, it’s important to disassemble large furniture items and place smaller items and boxes in and around the larger pieces.

Make sure to stack boxes securely to prevent them from shifting during transit.

Local Moving Companies

If you just need a moving company in Atlanta to help you move between neighborhoods, we can provide you with an estimate and answer all your questions on coordinating with the moving company.

We can pack up everything in your house, even loose items and messy garages, basements and attics. To arrive at our estimate we consider the number of Atlanta movers are required, the distance of the move and the number of trucks needed. We also estimate the packing materials required, and if needed, the moving blankets that you can return later. There is NO charge for moving blankets used only during the move. The estimate may also consider time needed for disassembly and reassembly any furniture. Local Movers Marietta Ga wants to provide you with all the household relocation data to make the smart choice in moving companies.

The Best Moving Company with household goods storage in Atlanta.

We understand that when you move, you may need a place to store your belongings. Although some Atlanta movers don’t offer household goods storage services, you can use Mark the Mover’s Household goods storage for temporary storage, staging, redecorating, or between homes and between needing Atlanta movers.

Atlanta household goods storage

There are many reasons you might want to utilize our storage solutions: – Remove clutter from your home so that you can remodel, redecorate, staging and moving between homes. Remove unnecessary items from your home to best showcase it to potential buyers – Store your items when you are relocating.

Fully Licensed and Insured Atlanta Movers

When you move with us, you will be using a fully licensed moving company that will keep care for moving your items. We include a basic valuation protection for all transit moves, and offer enhanced valuations for higher end households. Local movers have a choice of deductibles when choosing smartly to add extra coverage to their relocation. Unfortunately, your household may be in a coverage gap with most homeowners policies, where there is a need to add coverage during transit.

Commercial Movers Atlanta

If you are relocating retail, office or professional studios, we offer you the same services available to our residential movers. Our moving company in Atlanta can serve many business, even up to 20,000 sqft. Atlanta movers can protect every piece of furniture before it is moved. We also have speed moving tactics to pack desks and areas on speed carts that can be loaded 18 per truck.

Packing Materials from our Atlanta Movers

If you want to do your own packing, we have all the best quality cartons and supplies from any moving company in Atlanta. Our cardboard is tough and we have a variety of cartons for every situation. Packing silverware requires newsprint (non-inked) and glassware, china may require bubble wrap. Atlanta movers have wardrobe boxes so your clothes will arrive wrinkle free and large boxes for pillows, coats and comforters. Mark the Mover is one of the highest rated Atlanta Mover.

Local Household relocation can be stressful, but starting early on the planning and preparation is a good way to reduce the stress. Moving to a new home is an exciting prospect, but also a stressful prospect.

Also, we all get concerned about the cost of moving. But we also know that if we are counting and friends, or a moving company on moving day, we better have reliable friends or a reliable moving company.

Relocation Advice

Bard is the name of the google equivalent to ChatGPT and an exciting new entry to the large language model artificial intelligence programs on the internet.

Asking an expert?

We received our invitation to Bard, Google’s large language model, and thought this was an interesting experiment. It was also a chance to get our question answered.

We decided to ask Bard “what items should I pack last?” Interestingly, we did not tell Bard that we were worried about packing something we might need, but it got things exactly right, in our humble opinion.

Here is Bard’s answer:

  • Toiletries and personal care items: You will need these items on moving day, so it is best to pack them last so that you can easily access them.
  • Electronic devices: These items are also important on moving day, so you should pack them last so that they are not damaged during the move.
  • Food and drinks: You will need to eat and drink on moving day, so you should pack these items last so that they are easily accessible.
  • Pet supplies: If you have pets, you will need to pack their supplies last so that they are not stressed during the move.
  • Children’s items: If you have children, you should pack their toys and clothes last so that they are not upset during the move.
  • Important documents: You should pack important documents, such as your passport and birth certificate, last so that they are not lost or damaged during the move.
  • Packing supplies: You should pack packing supplies, such as boxes and tape, last so that you can easily find them when you need them.

It is also important to leave a few things unpacked until the last minute. This will help you to avoid stress and make the moving process more manageable.

Is this right?

Yes, but we could add a tip, make sure your cell phone is fully charged. Your cell phone will not be the invaluable tool to make things go smoothly if you have a dead battery.
Packing Materials
Mark the Mover offers moving boxes that are built for moving, with extra heft and strength. Our small box is excellent for books, dvd’s, kitchens and bath stuff, and pick up plenty of packing paper to make your moving experience free from mishaps.

Our medium moving box is perfect for packing contents of dressers and even bulky items. One tip is to pad things like stereo and computer equipment with the contents of dressers. Our large moving box is good for packing comforters and pillows, lighter weight items that have a lot of bulk but do not weigh a lot.

We also have a dish pack box, that is large and roomy, yet is double strength for packing kitchens. We will use a two wheeler to transport these boxes, as they get heavy even when using lots of packing paper. 

Full Service Moving and Storage

he benefits of full-service household goods storage include:

  • Convenience: You don’t have to worry about packing, loading, or transporting your belongings yourself.
  • Peace of mind: Your belongings will be stored in a clean, secure facility and handled by professional movers.
  • Flexibility: You can choose the length of time your belongings will be stored.

The cost of full-service household goods storage will vary depending on the size of your belongings, the length of time they will be stored, and the location of the storage facility. Considering the risks of carrying heavy furniture and the costs of renting trucks, dollies and moving pads, full service storage is often a much more prudent choice than the hassle of self storage.

Here are some of the services that are typically offered in full-service household goods storage:

  • Packing: Your belongings will be packed by professional movers using high-quality materials.
  • Padding, Crating and Palletizing: Depending on the item, full service moving companies will accommodate the requirements for carriage and storage.
  • Loading: Your belongings will be loaded onto a truck and transported to the storage facility.
  • Transportation: Your belongings will be transported to the storage facility in a safe and secure manner.
  • Unpacking: Your belongings will be unpacked at your new location by professional movers.
  • Storage: Your belongings will be stored in a secure facility that is climate-controlled and protected from pests.
  • Supplemental Coverage: Homeowners policies may not cover losses, should they occur, less likely with full service storage than self storage, but worth considering. Moving and Storage companies will offer a product called ‘valuation’ which will cover losses, if incurred, in storage and transport.

Full-service household goods storage can be a convenient and cost-effective way to store your belongings. 

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